Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz Pre-Course

VASC Online Training Program

Welcome to VeriFone's Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz Pre-Course VASC Online Training Program! 

This program is a pre-requisite for the Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification. The objective is to enable you, as a Service Technician, to become familiar, have a solid foundation and basic understanding of the Sapphire Mini-Controller and the Topaz POS system prior to attending the classroom certification.


The program is self-paced and will take approximately 20 hours to complete.


You must earn an 80% or higher to be eligible to attend Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz VASC Classroom Certification.


We recommend you take the modules in the order listed below. 


To start a training module CLICK on the SECTION to expand the menu and view the available modules. Next click the individual training module you wish to view. NOTE: The modules will now open in a new window by default. Depending on your browser settings you may be required to RIGHT-CLICK on the security warning, in the new window, and choose ALLOW BLOCKED CONTENT. If you are having trouble viewing any of the menus, please close this browser then open file "index_NMnu.htm" to open the Pre-Course guide in legacy mode.

+ Section 1: General Vasc Information
+ Section 2: POS Hardware Components
+ Section 3: POS Peripherals
+ Section 4: POS Site Configuration
+ Section 5: Routers
+ Section 6: Gemcom
+ Section 7: Smart Fuel Controller (SFC)
+ Section 8: V9xx - Electronic Payment Server (EPS)
+ Section 9: Sapphire Management Suite (SMS) Tutor
+ Section 10: PCI & PA-DSS
+ Section 11: Ruby Tutor Training Modules

After successfully completing the pre-course should you wish to review the modules they are available to you on the portal in the Learn section by clicking My Training History.

After you have successfully completed the pre-course please discuss with your manager the classroom certification school location you wish to attend. A master schedule is located on the premier portal under Learn, Petro Training Information. All registration packets are available on this page. If you will be registering to attend at the Clearwater, Florida location you may register online.


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